The Word ”AMEN”

Me my family had our bible study the other day and we were studying the word ”AMEN”. And we found so many important verses that end with word ”AMEN” for example, Deuteronomy 27:15, ”Cursed is the man who carves an image or casts an idol-a thing destable to the Lord, the work of the
craftman’s hands-and sets it up in secret.” Then all the people shall say ”AMEN”! And another very important verse is Revelation 22:20-21, he who testifies to these sayings ”Yes I am coming soon.” ”AMEN.” Come Lord Jesus. The grace Lord Jesus be with God’s people.”AMEN”. The last verse of the bible ends with AMEN I found that very interesting because you go through that whole book and it ends with the word AMEN. The bible is the biggest book in the world but yet it ends with one simple word AMEN.
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Nfl there next year

Well the other day I got an email from the NFL commissioner as well as other NFL fans. And Rodger Goodell [NFL commissioner] said that there were rumors going around that after about 91 years the NFL might shut down. Why? Because players are complaining about not getting paid enough. Goodell said ” I think the owners, the players and the board can all come to an agreement. I was happy because I myself am an Indianapolis Colts fan. So the point is the National Football League could or could not be there for Super Bowl 46.

2011-2012 season

The Carolina Panthers get the first draft pick. And I think they will draft Auburn d-line men Nick Fairley. And Cam Newton I think will go to the Washington Redskins. Then some other top draft prospects might be Andy Dalton ,John Clay and Kendall Hunter will be top draft prospects